Play2inspire is designed by family holiday specialists, In2action, for premium holiday companies and family holiday parks providing accommodation-based breaks.

It is a highly creative play product that delivers a holiday wow factor and enriches family time together. Play2inspire presents an outstanding guest service feature that also leverages significant marketing, commercial and retail opportunities.

Play2inspire will:

Present significant new commercial and retail opportunities.

Attract families with young children, boosting shoulder season bookings.

Present a unique and outstanding holiday feature to exceed guest expectations.

Generate fantastic customer feedback and social media highlights.

Delight loyal and returning guests who are looking for something new.

Play2inspire brings 5 key touchpoints to the family holiday experience:

1. A very special welcome to ensure the holiday starts with a wow factor.

2. A highly creative in-accommodation play area, which reflects and embraces the holiday environment and activities.

3. A collection of bespoke character toys to inspire playfulness throughout the holiday.

4. A host of activities, puzzles and ideas to suit different ages, stages and styles of play.

5. A holiday book full of family memories to take home and treasure for years to come.

Play2inspire scarriwags

Play2inspire will set the holiday
experience apart and make it even more
memorable, for children & adults.